States fighting back against ‘zombie homes’

For Forsythe Real Estate Appraisal July 2016

Real estate foreclosures have been on a downward trend in the U.S. after reaching record highs in the midst of the housing crisis. This is good news for lenders, who can hopefully begin to extend credit to more borrowers. It is also a good sign that consumers themselves are finding it easier to make their mortgage payments. However, in some areas of the country, delays along the foreclosure process are causing financial headaches for some former homeowners.

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How your credit score affects more than your finances

For Direct Financial Solutions LLC July 2016

It’s easy to say that you needn’t worry about your credit score. After all, it’s just another number that some people tell you to worry about but ultimately seems inconsequential in the short term, like your blood pressure or your weight. Just like these health figures, though, your credit score can actually impact much more than meets the eye. You already know your credit score’s effects on your ability to secure a loan and how much interest you’ll pay on it. But a good credit score can also make it easier to find a job, move into a new apartment and even help you find love – seriously. These are just a few interesting ways that your credit score impacts your life.

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Blockchain presents new opportunities, risks for banks

For Supernal Software, March 2016

If you’ve heard of Bitcoin by now, chances are it was not in a positive way. The central bank-eschewing, mystery-steeped “cryptocurrency” has already received plenty of press for its role in drug trafficking, funding resistance fighters in the Ukraine and as a conduit for digital ransom. With this in mind, Bitcoin, as well as the technology that makes it work, faces an uphill battle to be taken seriously in the banking world, to say the least. Yet many in the tech community are eager to sing its praises, and some even see it as the catalyst for a coming financial revolution.

It turns out, these starry-eyed entrepreneurs may not be far off. The finance world at large has lately been looking at blockchain database structure, the “secret sauce” behind Bitcoin, with fresh optimism. However, it still faces many hurdles, and presents many risks, before it can become as indispensable as some think it should be.

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Understanding your Medicare coverage in 2017

For SelectQuote Senior Jan. 2017

In 2017, resolve to get both your health and your finances in order by working to understand and take full advantage of your Medicare benefits, whether you’re already enrolled or are considering it in the near future.

Maximizing HSA savings

Millions of Americans use a health savings account to set aside some money for future medical expenses while also enjoying a nice tax break. But using an HSA gets a little more complicated if you’re enrolled in Medicare.

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What your financial statements aren’t telling you

For Consero Global

A key part of getting a startup off the ground is securing funding, and in many cases, this means wooing investors with an enticing pitch. Any pitch to seed investors will likely include encouraging stories relating to the founders’ histories and their vision for the business. This is all very important, but the rest of what investors need to know is contained within the company’s financials.

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