Case study: ApolloLIMS helps clinical labs grow without sacrificing service

For Common Cents Systems – download PDF here.

Central Tox, LLC is a specialized toxicology lab service that has been operating out of Round Rock, Texas, since 2014. Focused on high-precision drug toxicology screening, lab technicians and managers at Central Tox must balance the demands of a constant workload with the need to keep all instruments and support systems running smoothly. Like most modern labs, this requires an advanced laboratory information management system that can act as the command center.

Barry Chaffin, Partner and Vice President of Operations at Central Tox, quickly learned why choosing the right LIMS could mean the difference between success and frustration – Central Tox realized within one month of choosing its first LIMS vendor that the fit was not quite right.


“Data management, keeping track of data for patient records and patient outcomes, was nearly impossible (under the first system)”, Chaffin said. “You couldn’t modify anything that had to do with the file of the patient, and reports couldn’t be modified within the actual LIMS system.”


Rather than letting operations at Central Tox flounder, Chaffin made the decision to pivot to ApolloLIMS. The difference was seen almost immediately.


“This industry is always changing, and we needed a system that could change with it,” Chaffin said.


Scaling up with ApolloLIMS


With ApolloLIMS, Chaffin and colleagues were able to complete routine tasks more efficiently while gaining a greater level of control over data management and communication systems with clients. With Apollo’s web reporting tools, Central Tox is able to more easily interface with doctors and hospitals as they work to manage patient drug intake down to the most precise levels. At the same time, ApolloLIMS makes it possible to connect all the disparate instruments throughout a lab, which means sorting through a litany of data formats, protocols and connections.


“Apollo is dynamic,” Chaffin said. “Anything we want to see a certain way, the guys over there [at Common Cents] are able to make that happen. If I need to track certain pieces of information, it’s possible.”


After fully implementing ApolloLIMS in their lab procedures, Central Tox was able to scale operations without sacrificing a high standard of service. According to Chaffin, staff saw average turnaround time decrease from 48 hours to 24 hours with Apollo. At the same time, Central Tox went from a total of three employees handling around 50 samples per day in 2014, to a staff of 12 easily managing around 500 samples per day currently. They also expanded their available testing options by 20 percent, offering a full spectrum of urine and saliva screens as well as the ability to reference blood tests.


With all this in mind, Chaffin said he was glad to have ApolloLIMS and Common Cents working as a part of his team.


“It’s a great system,” Chaffin said. “We already recommend Apollo to other labs and clients, and will continue to do so.”


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