My Resume

Hey there, my name is Andrew and I’m a writer and digital media producer based in Chicago. I have experience with editorial writing, copy writing and editing, content marketing, print design, photography and much more if you want to hire me for any of those things.

My writing has appeared in TimeOut Chicago, Chicagoist, ChooseChicago and in Tribune Media and Chicago Sun-Times-affiliated print and digital products.

Please contact me at amorrell28@gmail.com for absolutely anything.

Some of my other websites can be found below.

Blogs I’ve written for TimeOut

ChooseChicago clips

Most of what I’ve written for The DePaulia

Photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/panozd/

Music: https://soundcloud.com/andrew-morrell

All work on this site is free to use with my permission, with the exception of anything noted as previously published elsewhere. In that case, all rights are reserved to the original publication. Banner photos are all my own and available for free use. Photos on stories are generally not mine unless noted, and their rights are reserved to their respective authors or publications.

via homestarrunner.com

via homestarrunner.com


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